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The church of Jordan [entries|friends|calendar]

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"...And now we can't pay the rent because we're not fueled by Satan!" [30 Mar 2007|12:04am]
Daddy and I had the talk today. My training shall begin.

(Renee Lefrancois, Jon Fase, Andrea Bechard and Chris Windsor; you shall all be proven wrong. Good day!)

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[05 Jan 2007|12:32am]
Mark my words, bitches.
On this day, Jordan C. Drew shall be a free man.

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[07 Nov 2006|06:17pm]
[ mood | GULUBUGGRUGHH?! ]

Shit shit shit shit SHIT SHIT SHIT!

(PS. FUCK!!)

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[12 Sep 2006|02:58pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

MAN my friends can piss me off sometimes!

...that being said, I love em' all to death.

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[09 Jul 2006|12:58am]
I really do love being characterized as the ignorant, arrogant jerk.
Really, I absolutely adore it.
It's wonderful really.

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[12 Jun 2006|09:00pm]
[ mood | blank ]

It's just occurred to me that my Livejournal's layout is in comeplete dissaray, due to a combination of poor html skills, and my background picture disappearing from the internet. Anyone care to help with that?

It has also occurred to me that it really doesn't matter what my LJ looks like, cause I don't even update it any more.

Fiinally, it has occurred to me that everything is pretty damn mediocre right now; school, relationships with friends, stuff in general. I guess I don't really have much to complain about right now, just nothing to jump for joy over, y'know?

Oh yes, ladies and gents, Jordan is so very emo!

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[25 Apr 2006|03:00pm]
[ mood | meh ]

Apparently I'm a sexual predator towards my friends.
Thank's Kait.

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[24 Apr 2006|11:54pm]
Today, tucked away in my iTunes library.. I noticed something odd. A song which I thought I had deleted the night I got it was just sitting there, with it's all-caps title.. staring back at me. I was a bit startled to be honest.

JEJ CZARNE OCZY... You cant destroy it. You can't escape it. I can't even fucking understand it.


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[02 Apr 2006|08:58pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I played video games, listened to music, and ate regular food for the first time since Wednesday today.
I'm also back to my usual self today.
All this makes me very happy.

I guess I'm in for some angry teachers tomorrow due to my complete lack of completed homework, but I don't really care. I'm just glad that I'm going back to my friends and back to my life.

I'm just so glad it's (mostly) over.

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Paintball. [24 Mar 2006|07:15pm]
The bad news: I'm not going this weekend.
The good news: Next weekend will be more fun anyways

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THIS ENTRY HAS NO TITLE [18 Mar 2006|01:11am]
[ mood | worried ]

Damn, it's been ages since I've made any significant update.

On Tuesday I watched Equilibrium with my dad. I'm so surprised I hadn't heard of that movie sooner, It's got amazing action, AND interesting character development. A rare gem, if I do say so myself.

I bought Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Resident Evil 4 on Wednesday (I guess talking about it with Rin just made me want that game back). And, of course, I've been playing both way too much ever since.

Thursday I got a haircut. Got a noticeable amount off this time, but still nothing real significant, at least now I can stop complaining (whining) about it being too long. I also left my coat at Head First, the ONE time I actually take my mom's advice and wear the damn thing.
(While on the topic of my hair: Shame on you Alix, shame on you.)

Oh, and I saw V for Vendetta tonight. It was alright, it's kinda complicated, but it's good. Definitely not the fast-paced action flick I'm sure many people were expecting, but that's absolutely fine.

And yes, Renee, I got your emails (all nine) AND your msn messages, but not till after 12.

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Cheer up little Kerri! [07 Mar 2006|08:43pm]
I'm gonna shave my face extra hard for you!

*facially bleeding hug*

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[19 Feb 2006|01:46pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

So last night the crew and I saw Final Destination 3. It was good to make fun of, not that I expected anything different from a series whose very purpose is to showcase a series of increasingly improbable deaths. Either way, I had fun hanging out with the crew.
Afterwards, we saw My Byrne (the teacher) in Indigo books, and once he was gone, Renee noticed a shalf full of SUDOKU books. It was like the store itself was determined to remind everyone of school. Back at the theatre, waiting for our ride, JP, Jon, Brian and I all decided that World War III would begin with the assisination of Franz Ferdinand, the band... Fez would also fit in there somehow.

Oh, and I watched Adevent Children this weekend, what a fucking awesome movie.

Oh, and one more thing, I meet Kerri today. Here's hoping I dont get to Tim Hortons and get stuffed in the car of a 50 year old male sexual predator. Wouldn't be the first time.

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[07 Feb 2006|04:58pm]
So apprently Daniela is actually FOR the sacredness if the crevasse being demolished. I must say, I am shocked and appaled, speechless really.

I must keep the crevasse a G-rated area! I simply must!

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Second semesterization, Part II (club remix) [31 Jan 2006|10:35pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Shit, It's been a while since my last update.
Well, Drama exams are over and done with, it was definitely the most enjoyable exam day I've had so far (in case you're out of the ol' loop, the actual written exam was written last Wednesday). Kyle and I got a 37/40 on ours, which I'm pretty satisfied with, though we weren't the best: that was Eric Oleksik and Jon Wilson.
Those two were good. Damn good. If there's one thing Eric can pull of in a scene, it's spontaneity, he just has those loud outbursts that he pulls off so well; it's impressive. The highlight of my day was probably when Eric smashed the gun against the wall. It was just fucking hardcore.
Besides having a toy smashed to pieces a foot away from my head, the highlight of my day would have to be Turkeyman, him and his stick man, he'll fuck you up. Then... fucking... gobble your face.

Also, I still have to arrange a meeting with that Liebrock girl...

OH! And one more thing, I havent seen Alix in almost a whole week! I miss Alix; liek wtf, m8?

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Quiztacular! [18 Jan 2006|11:24pm]
[ mood | Forked. ]

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See BeeseveN's results.Collapse )

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[09 Jan 2006|04:22pm]
[ mood | school anxiety ]

First order of buisness, you are all required to watch this if you wish to continue being my friend:

Secondly comes today's drama class. Miss Donais told everyone (except people who were working on a certain project, which included me) to sit in a circle. She then instructed everyone to tell the class about the "thing over the christmas break that raised your blood pressure the most". Naturally, I had to tell them about Saturday's three-hour-long Video on Trail marathon! DUH!

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[06 Jan 2006|01:48am]
[ mood | Chinese ]

...Arby says: (1:45:25 AM)

...Arby says: (1:45:28 AM)

...Arby says: (1:46:20 AM)
I could be chasing you on a giant dirt bike as you run down EC Row

...Arby says: (1:46:36 AM)
and you yell something about shaving your face

...Arby says: (1:46:51 AM)
I would totally go AWWWW and run the bike off the road

Yeah... you're totally jealous of my cool friends.

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[02 Jan 2006|10:38pm]

I think I've figured it out, my sister must have found the note from Sara that I lost in my house one day! Alix, you may know what I'm talking about.

It would actually explain a lot now that I think about it.

(| lo weebl)

[30 Dec 2005|02:32pm]
You know what Kerri? I think me and my shotgun are gonna be just fine.

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